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Light Monkey Goodman Handle w/Loop


Size: - |Light Monkey

The Bat

Bare Exowear Long Sleeve Top


Size: L|Bare

Rick Soprano

Bare Exowear Pants


Size: L|Bare

Rick Soprano

Bare Exowear Vest


Size: L|Bare

Rick Soprano

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Diving is a social sport

Join our vibrant community of divers. Share your experience, expand your diving IQ, and build your network of fellow diving aficionados to maximize your bottom time.

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Love the ocean! Love diving!


Dreaming of wreck diving finally became a reality for me and I can' get enough. Its not just the diving, its the research, discovering the history and then witnessing the wreck in its final resting spot...the process is addicting!


Not long after learning dive, I crossed over to the "dark side" and became a KISS Rebreather Diver. I love my KISS Rebreather and all the adventures we share. Diving allows me to meet the most interesting people and they inspire to me to connect with Ocean in ways I never imagined.

Doug Black

Diving is about exploring! I love diving the open seas! Finding the correct gear, best training and dive operators are the keys to the kingdom. Check out my groups and let me know what you think.


Diving for the thrill! Meeting new people and learning about the underwater world is what keeps me coming back for more. Planet Kraken allows me to meet new divers, find amazing deals on gear and learn more about the diving world!

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Fast, easy, current. Finally, an easy way to buy/sell and communicate created specifically for all your diving needs.

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Planet Kraken is all about community, shared experiences, and a way of life. We don’t think anyone should pay to connect with fellow diving enthusiasts. At Planet Kraken, it’s FREE (yep, no charge) to join, list equipment, and connect with members. We don’t tack on any extra fees when you purchase equipment, either.

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Find fellow divers according to diving methods and/or geographical location. Get the inside scoop or share it with others.

Divers love our marketplace!

Equipment is life

Our members love how simple and secure it is to buy and sell on Planet Kraken.

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Diving is a social sport – Planet Kraken leverages connections to maximize your dive life.

  • Connect with divers all over the world
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A few words from us...

Planet Kraken. Dive life amplified.

Welcome to Planet Kraken! We’ve created a diving marketplace exclusively for fellow enthusiasts, harnessing the power of e-commerce and a vibrant social network to connect divers all over the world and throughout the Seven Seas.

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Diving is a social sport. Planet Kraken provides the perfect platform for sharing experiences and buying and selling equipment.

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