How it works

Equipment is a way of life! Maximize your bottom time with Planet Kraken’s simple and secure buy/sell platform.

Selling is as simple as creating your store (we’ll walk you through it), listing your items, and collecting payment:

  • Set up your merchant account, create one or more seller names, and add the items you want to sell – in seconds!
  • Share your listings with the Planet Kraken community and social media, creating a buzz with a little promotion.
  • When sales orders come in you simply package and ship the items. Payment goes directly to your bank account.

Buying is easy, too. There are two options:

  • If you don’t have an account you can simply search for what you’re looking for – when you find it – like it, share it, ask questions...make an offer and buy it!
  • Create an account and customize your search options. Set preferences and you’ll only see what you’re interested in. Buy with confidence - post potential purchases to get feedback from the Planet Kraken community. You can also share on social media for additional insight from friends.

Community is all about connection. Diving is a social sport and Planet Kraken makes it easy to share experiences.

  • Don’t be shy. Share your knowledge and get the scoop from other diving experts and enthusiasts. Discuss hot topics, favorite dives, equipment issues and recommendations, or the latest diving discovery.
  • Find divers based on location and dive style, build your network, and earn badges as you connect with the diving community.
  • Follow the people and topics you love. Join groups with the same interests and discover and follow the experts who speak to you.
  • Form your own groups and create topics. Make them public or private, it’s up to you. Post pictures and videos to share with the Planet Kraken community and on social media at the same time. One post does it all!